01.01.15 | MARTIN BENCHER has a new managing director in Australia

AUSTRALIA – January 1, 2015 – The MARTIN BENCHER GROUP, a professional shipping and forwarding service provider announces that Martin Bencher Australia has a new Managing Director as of January 1st, 2015.

CEO, Peter Thorsoe Jensen comments: “We are delighted to introduce Mikkel Kristensen as the new Managing Director of our Australian office in Sydney. He has previously enjoyed over eight years with the company and, in that time, made a tremendous impact. His knowledge of the industry, dedication to the Martin Bencher vision, as well as his strong leadership skills will ensure he also makes a great impression to our customers, suppliers, and employees in Australia.”

“Together with the dedicated, hard-working people of Martin Bencher, I look very much forward to new challenges, and to welcoming new and current customers and suppliers”, says Mikkel Kristensen. “The ambition is to support the growth of Martin Bencher from the Australian office. I am ready to serve local and global customers from Sydney“.

Mikkel Kristensen has been working for Martin Bencher since 2006, during which time he has opened and managed Martin Bencher offices in Hamburg, Germany and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Contact information for Mikkel Kristensen as per below:
Managing Director
Mikkel Kristensen, mikkel.kristensen@martin-bencher.com

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