01.03.19 | Notice of Strike in All Major Ports in Sweden

There has been a growing conflict between Swedish port workers and the ports which has in recent weeks escalated to its breaking point. 

On Wednesday 27th of February Swedish port workers union gave notice of a “Total work stop” in all major ports within Sweden. The Strike is set to begin on the 6th of March, 2019. The conflict originates in the port workers wish to negotiate their individual personal terms with the employers and on the other side the ports standing firm on general terms for all port workers.

From today they have 6 days to reach an agreement to avoid the strike. The strike would affect some 100-1300 port workers in 20 terminals within Sweden. The port of Gothenburg will be severely affected with potential of complete terminals shutting down.

Should the strike go forward the consequences for Swedish import & export will be severe. Swedish industries would have difficulties exporting their products as well as receiving material for manufacturing and would be forced to seek alternative transport solutions. The result of which increased transports costs and delays in deliveries would be a few direct impacts. Long terms impacts could mean a loss of trust and stability in Swedish ports and ports workers which could result in manufacturing relocating, transport solutions set in place avoiding Swedish ports. Such result would be an even greater losses for Sweden and it’s industries.

We at Martin Bencher are monitoring the situation closely. Together with our customers we do our best to prevent shipments from being affected by the strike.

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