05.05.17 | Thank you for seeing us at Breakbulk Europe 2017

Thank you to all visitors who met us at the Breakbulk Europe exhibition 2017 in Antwerp. We met a lot of familiar and new faces at the exhibition and enjoyed every moment of it.

This year Martin Bencher had the pleasure to be part of the micro-seminars at the exhibition. We were asked to present Best Practices in packing and lashing from a freight forwarder’s perspective. Whether packing onshore or lashing and stowing aboard, good procedures are essential to make sure cargo arrives safely. We took part in presenting the key elements of these processes, and the consequences of deviation, from the perspectives of freight forwarder together with a shipper, packer and marine surveyor. We hope that our audience took home with them new knowledge and best practices. Thank you for the opportunity.

During the event, our CCO, Mr. Jeppe Frank, was interviewed by the organizers of Breakbulk Europe. He offered his view on the importance of packing procedures and the forwarder's role in ensuring the job is done correctly. You can watch the interview by clicking the video in this news.

A special thank you to all the friendly people who met us for our dinner and drinks event. We were happy to see so many of our close connections for a networking evening. We hope to see you all soon.

Many visitors tried out our Formula1 simulator at the booth. We hope you had fun. And a big congratulations to the winners at the Martin Bencher Grand Prix. Well done!

Watch the Breakbulk Europe 2017 official recap video here. Next year, Breakbulk Europe will be in Bremen Exhibition Centre, Germany on May 29th - 31st, 2018. We hope to see you there.

Vis YouTube Video:
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