06.05.19 | Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Mubarak!

The holy month of the Ramadan is here. As Martin Bencher has offices and employees who will celebrate the Ramadan, please note below information.

For most Muslims the Ramadan will begin today, Monday May 6, 2019. The last day of the Ramadan and the festival of breaking the fast – Eid Al fitr – will fall on or around Tuesday June 4, 2019. Ramadan is time for reflection, prayer, showing kindness, and teaching yourself discipline. The known part of the Ramadan is fasting during daylight hours and breaking the fast in the evening with Iftar.

Working hours of the Ramadan are announced by the authorities, which we hope our non-Muslim employees and customers will respect. Moreover, the Ramadan will impact the speed of local services, why we hope colleagues and clients will be flexible and accept the conditions for the month.

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