08.08.16 | Running for Street Child

It is time for a follow up on Nico Hellmann running the marathon in Sierra Leone for the Street Child organization. Nico is the global project manager for Martin Bencher Group. Street Child is an education charity that supports children in Sierra Leone and Liberia to get back into safe family homes and access to education. The organisation also provides family business support to enable them to build an independently sustainable future for the whole family. Currently providing care for over 12,000 Ebola orphans in West Africa.

Nico finished the marathon in 4 hours and 5 minutes. The race started at 6am but temperatures still reached between 27-35 degrees.

"My GPS watch told me the course was 1 mile short so I kept running. As I was the only one doing this, I reckon I won the whole event :) and finished my complete first marathon 9 minutes later - people thought I was crazy," says Nico. "I explained to them that I work for Martin Bencher and if we promise to run a Marathon or deliver something, we also walk or run the extra mile".

Nico ended up with just over 3000 GBP in donations to the Street Child organization.

"The last kilometer before the finish line was very special. Despite the heat, I had 4-5 kids running with me. I was in my 'high tech' running shoes - they bare footed, in sandals or flip flops. All in all an amazing experience", says Nico Hellmann.​

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