08.10.14 | Martin Bencher heading for continued growth


"Even though we are a small shipping company when seen in a global perspective, we are still big players within our core competencies..." - Peter Thorsoe Jensen, CEO.

This is the beginning of a feature article in a Danish magazine about Peter Thorsoe Jensen, CEO of Martin Bencher and the company. The article tells the story of a company with a special fighting spirit, determination and a dynamic culture.

In the last seventeen years Martin Bencher has grown into a globally functioning unit with offices around the world and has created a reputation as a known and respected project forwarder. The strategy is continuous growth.

"I am optimistic. We have many bookings in our systems, many quotations at customers' desks and we receive many inquiries. 2014 will be another great year for us" - Peter Thorsoe Jensen.

You can download the article here.

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