08.10.15 | Martin Bencher has released CSR Report 2015


This is our Communication on Progress Report (COP) and it shows the various activities that MARTIN BENCHER has taken on in order to contribute to the protection of human rights, environment, labor and anti-corruption within the last year.

We will continue our support of the ten universally accepted principles of the UN Global Compact and we look forward to publishing our activities Next year.

"Having 21 offices located in 15 different countries and dealing with transportation in many emerging areas around the world, MARTIN BENCHER GROUP, acknowledges our responsibility to follow and respect Human Rights on a global scale. We do not allow any discrimination of any kind within the Group, and all staff members are encouraged to pass on our point of view to partners and clients alike.”, says Peter Jensen, CEO of Martin Bencher Group “Being part of the United Nations Global Compact means a lot to us and we aim to continue to advance our responsible business agenda worldwide.”

We feel very proud to share with you our second COP. Not only does it tell you what we have done in the past, but also our aim for the future.

Download our CSR Report here.


CSR report
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