09.11.17 | PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams passed

Interview with Project Manager, Ms. Susanne Knudsen and Operations Manager, Jesper Meldgaard.

You have both, during the years, conducted and executed many large-scale projects for our clients. Why would you suddenly need a PRINCE2 exam?

Well, our clients are constantly looking for improvement in project management and execution. And yes, we are heavily involved in such optimizations and ‘thinking out of the box’”, says Jesper.

Susanne continues: “A big part of being innovative and looking for tomorrows solutions is also about communication and understanding of the goals and targets for each specific project. Taking the PRINCE2 exams gives us the opportunity to speak the same ‘project language’ as our customers, and this naturally creates a mutual understanding towards the overall process of putting a project together.   

Was it a demand from Martin Bencher’s customers to get more ‘well dressed’, or is it simply a natural step, in always keeping up with the customer?

In Martin Bencher, we have always kept the strategy of being one step ahead. Actually, I do feel that our customers are satisfied with our overall performance, so it has not been a request from them to take actual training, but they have certainly acknowledged the efforts to become part of tomorrows development”, replies Susanne.

Jesper states: “Martin Bencher is built on human resources, and it might sound old fashion, but we are not better than the weakest link, and therefore we have to improve ourselves, as persons, as project managers, as innovative sales persons”. And Jesper continues: “This is the foundation of our company, and if we keep pushing ourselves, we also continue to provide best in class performance".

What is going to happen now? You both passed the exams very well, have you planned how to bring the course to live in a real project?

One of the principals in Prince2 project management is ‘Tailoring to the project environment’. Each project is different with variable factors like scope, complexity, time frame etc. Our goal is to take the best relevant skills and tools learned – and implement and share them within our organization”, says Susanne and continues: “With Prince2 methods we feel we are better at describing how we execute large scale projects. We have a good toolbox that enables us to handle future projects, scope changes and risk”.

Jesper complies: “I do not think that our clients will feel any major changes upfront. But internally it will certainly strengthen our project team – and in the end, it will create more value towards the project and our clients. A win-win situation for all. Naturally, we want to be a bit smarter and a bit more process orientated, and that hopefully proves to be a bit better than the competition”, Jesper says with a smile.

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