10.02.17 | SOLAS - VGM

The new SOLAS regulation with Verified Gross Mass (VGM) has now been in force for a half year. It is our experience that the implementation phase has been smooth and without any major problems.

There has been a few shortshipments but these were only due to non supply of VGM weight or submitted VGM after shipping line cut-off date.

We do believe this new regulation has an effect and has prevented potential hazard of mis-declared weight which can cause risk/damages to vessels. It is our understanding that most shippers has declared the VGM weight as per method 1 with weighing of container after stuffing performed by stevedores in loading port.

As per 01.07.2017 all weighing equipment must be certified.

We have not heard report of any physical checks by local maritime organizations, but we expect these to come info force after the implementation period of one year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Project Manager, Susanne Knudsen. 

Susanne Knudsen
Project Manager | Project Group

Telephone: + 45 87 421 808
Mobile: + 45 23 261 798


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