10.06.14 | Martin Bencher Group supports Orienteering

Martin Bencher Group supports orienteering as it puts emphasis on how you need to look close to find the best possible road forward in order to succeed. Orienteering celebrates team spirit, hard work and dedication, which are important values to Martin Bencher Group.

The world’s largest orienteering relay ‘Jukolan Viesti’ is coming up next weekend and Vaajakosken Terä has four teams in the race. Vaajakosken Terä expects their 1st team to be part of Top 3 and their 2nd team to finish in Top 20.

The Head Coach of Vaajakosken Terä, Juhani Palonen, writes:

Every orienteer has a dream to win Jukola relay and on next weekend that dream will come true to seven ”brothers” at Vehmersalmi close to Kuopio in Finland. Every year Jukola is the main goal for the teams in Finland, but throughout the Scandinavia as well. Last four years Vaajakosken Terä has been fighting for the victory of Jukola relay, but the victory in not yet ours. After all, we have had skill and speed enough, but the mental preparedness to win will be the last key for the victory.
Terä’s main target is to help young and talented athletes on their way to the world top orienteering. In this manner we can also develop our relay team. Increasing skills and speed of individuals we can fight for the victory in the big relays like Jukola. To be a world top athlete in orienteering one have to have professional way to train and live one’s athlete life. This is where we need help from our co-operational partners like Martin Bencher A/S.
How do you prepare for the most important relay event of the year? Terä’s anchor, Pasi Ikonen, who recently won Finnish Championship in Middle distance and came second at world cup event in Norway puts it into words: “It's all about your own training with all the orienteering skills during winter and spring, and your ability to use them in a competition situation. What studying of maps and all the orienteering technique speculations have really offered, is an inspiring, open playfield for your mind to develop and finally, to act on your top level in Jukola.”
Size of the Jukola relay is something special. There is about 1,600 men’s teams with seven runners and about 1,200 teams with each four women, which makes it more than 16,000 runner in the forest during the weekend. One of those is Danish national team runner Tue Lassen, who is strengthening Terä’s team towards the ultimate goal to win Jukola. 

Vaajakosken Terä was 5th at 10 Mila relay in Sweden on 4th May.
Go Terä go! 

Juhani Palonen
Head coach of Vaajakosken Terä

Martin Bencher Group cheers for Vaajakosken Terä.

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