13.09.17 | Martin Bencher obtains patent for wind blade fixtures

In North America, the optimal mode of transport for wind blades is via rail – and it will continue to be in the future. Martin Bencher USA just received a patent for the development of a blade fixture especially for the North American railway system.

“We started developing our own system for wind blade transport on rail, based off conversations with wind OEM’s. They talked about an identified monopoly in the market for blade fixtures which are designed for rail transportation. OEM’s were told there was no way for anyone else to provide this asset/service without patent infringement…”, says Andrew Miller, Branch Manager Martin Bencher Kansas City. “We proved that to be greatly false and we now hold a patent of our own”.

The Martin Bencher patented system has a huge advantage compared to similar, existing systems. It takes minor engineering adjustments to support different OEM’s product and lengths.

In the development phase, several concepts were combined into one. It only took three live testing attempts to complete all the minor tweaking before applying for the patent.

When you ask Mr. Miller what he thinks is the most exciting about this project, he answers: “Going through back to back 11degree curves and watching the 56-meter blade bend against its pre-bend creating a snake like movement”. He continues by saying: “From this project, I have learned that nothing stays the same for long and these blades will only continue to evolve into greater lengths, weight and heights”.

For now, the system has only been used for tested and it worked flawlessly

Further questions? Feel free to contact Andrew Miller, Branch Manager Martin Bencher Kansas City, USA.

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