13.10.16 | Meet Martin Bencher at the MIAC- and the FWP exhibitions

This week you have the opportunity to meet Martin Bencher at two exhibitions in Europe.

At MIAC, the 23rd international exhibition for the paper industry in Lucca, Italy (12th-14th of October), you can meet:

Ms. Laure Girtanner
Business Development Manager, MB France
Mobile no. +33 6 42 59 47 79
Email laure.girtanner@martin-bencher.com

At FWP, the floating wind power and turbine exhibition in Bretagne, France (12th-13th of October), you can meet:

Mr. Nils Hammar
Chairman of the Board, Martin Bencher Group
Email nils.hammar@martin-bencher.com

Mr. Floris Schorsch
Managing Director, MB France
Mobile no. + 33 7 8690 3343
Email floris.schorsch@martin-bencher.com 

Vis YouTube Video:
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