14.03.17 | Huge potential at Japanese renewable energy market

From the 1st to the 3rd of March, Martin Bencher had a delegation of employees attending the World Smart Energy Week 2017 in Tokyo Japan. The World Smart Energy Week is a huge event for all types of energy solutions. The event includes various expos; amongst others, the wind expo, the thermal power expo, the biomass expo, and smart grid expo.

The renewable energy sector in Japan is a very interesting market. There is huge potential in the coming developments. Even though Japan is the 5th largest energy consuming country in the world, only 0.5 per cent of all energy consumption stems from wind energy related sources. With political support and licenses, the wind energy sector will surely continue to develop – but when will it kick off even further?

Our recent experiences give us positive vibes. The smaller onshore wind turbines are currently being handled. Martin Bencher is part of this already. There is continuous flow and support for the larger onshore wind turbines from the bigger manufacturers. Many wind turbine projects are currently being processed across Japan.  For offshore related wind turbines, the market seems a bit slower. The time horizon seems a bit longer before a major kick off. We await the situation and estimate it setting-off from around 2019/2020.

The World Smart Energy Week 2017 had in total 62,395 paying guests and 1570 exhibitors. 147 of these exhibitors – representing companies from 31 countries around the globe – were present at the Wind Expo; including Martin Bencher. Martin Bencher was part of the Wind Expo at the Danish Pavilion by DWEA (Danish Wind Export Association). We were delighted to meet so many powerful and serious guests at our booth, and we were happy to meet the main players of the market represented at the Expo.

The main purpose of Martin Bencher attending the World Smart Energy Week 2017 was to take the pulse of the total renewable energy market. The purpose was also to get even further exposure towards Japanese wind actors, the main international players in the wind market, as well as exposure together with our overall partner network in Japan.
During our visit to Japan, we had the pleasure to meet many of our Japanese partners. We are happy to see the relationships grow to be ready for the potentials in renewable energy in the coming years in Japan.

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