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Martin Bencher (Scandinavia) A/S has been honoured one of the best places to work in Denmark. The nomination comes from the consulting company Great Place to Work®. This is the first year that Martin Bencher has been participating in the competition for being the Best Small Workplace in Denmark. Martin Bencher is proud to be awarded an 11th place.

It is the first time that Martin Bencher (Scandinavia) A/S has been participating in the Great Place to Work survey. As a starting point for our further work with improving our job satisfaction, Martin Bencher is proud to be awarded an 11th place in the competition for the Best Small Workplace in Denmark 2017. 134 companies took part in the competition to be named the Best Workplace in Denmark.

We are of course very proud of the nomination, and happy for the recognition that goes with the nomination as one of the best places to work in Denmark. We did not doubt that we are a great place to work – however, getting an external party to validate the claim is always good of course”, says Peter Thorsoe Jensen, CEO of Martin Bencher Group. “Being happy and feeling valuable as an employee is a must to succeed in the market place. We could not perform the way we are today without the engagement from our teams. We spend much of our life at work, so job satisfaction means a lot to both to ourselves but also to the clients and partners we work with.”

With this award Martin Bencher feels confident that our employees are amongst the best in the industry, as we provide an attractive workplace. We want to attract the most competent employees to our organisation and hence create higher value for our clients and stakeholders.

Strengths lie in differences, not in similarities

Martin Bencher is diverse. As an indicator, we speak 29 different languages in the organization. In Aarhus, we have employees from Denmark, Finland, Korea, China, Uruguay, Singapore and Estonia. At Martin Bencher, strengths lie in differences, not in similarities.

An important part of the Martin Bencher culture is how we treat people. We are a freight forwarding service provider so relationships with people are paramount for our business and day-to-day operations. We acknowledge differences and make sure to address everybody in a timely, nice and decent manner – both colleagues, clients and others that we meet,” says Peter Thorsoe Jensen. “There is a strong feeling of family and service in Martin Bencher Group and we always try to encourage our employees to pick up the phone and call each other and always prioritize to be honest and respectful regardless of cultural differences.”

Working for Martin Bencher Group is more than just about coming to work, it is about being part of a global family. An employee working in Europe wrote in the survey: “People are very friendly, always smiling, polite. It means a lot when we communicate almost every day, and even though we don’t meet so often, it feels like we have known each other for ages.”

Culture is an organisation's strongest competitive advantage. At Martin Bencher, we know that organisations that build on trust and engagement create workplace cultures that deliver outstanding business performance.

Close relationships, a family-feel, responsibility, freedom, and a desire for constant development and improvement are important factors for the culture at Martin Bencher. The results from the Great Place to Work survey are used to improve the job satisfaction even further.

Great Place to Work®

The most successful workplace cultures are built on trust which is a key driver of engagement. The Great Place to Work® survey assesses the workplace culture by measuring the levels of both trust and engagement in the organization.

The consulting company Great Place to Work looks at trust through two lenses. They assess the culture of the organisation through answers provided on an employee survey, the Trust Index© survey, which is modelled on the five dimensions found in the employee view of a great workplace. And they look at the workplace through a Culture Audit©, organised by the nine practice areas in the management definition of a great workplace.

This survey precisely measures the behaviours and the environment that forms the underpinning of world’s most desirable workplaces and successful businesses.

Business leaders, academics and the media rely upon Great Place to Work metrics to establish an objective standard that defines a great workplace. These metrics – from the Trust Index and Culture Audit – form the basis of the methodology Great Place to Work uses to advise and train companies on how to transform themselves into great workplaces.

Martin Bencher Group

Martin Bencher Group is an international freight forwarding company. We transport all kinds of cargo - and specialize in the handling of projects and oversized/heavy cargo from many different industries. From paper mills, power plants, and oil and gas projects to wind turbines and luxury yachts, Martin Bencher Group can handle the transportation.

Martin Bencher Group is involved in project shipments all over the world. Most of the cargo we handle is shipped on container- and heavylift vessels, but from time to time the cargo is urgent and airfreight services are needed. All Martin Bencher offices have the necessary expertise and know-how to handle both seafreight and airfreight shipments.

With headoffice in Aarhus, Denmark, the Group has its own network of twenty-five local offices in nineteen countries around the world and a strong network of trusted partners in most other strategically important locations. Our +140 employees are ready to create competitive solutions tailored to your needs.

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