The 16th and 17th of July 2018, our Airfreight Branch Manager, Jacob, our UK Business Development, James and UK Freight Forwarder, Tom attended the Farnborough International Airshow in United Kingdom. The idea behind going to the exhibition: What is new in the aviation industry? And could we learn things and people, that we didn’t know before?

The amount of people attending this event was surprisingly. It was known, that it was a big event, but somehow it was still overwhelming.

As seen on the pictures, our people from Martin Bencher had nice access to various planes – anything from a small propeller to the AN-124. The entire main deck of a B747-8 was cleared out, so you could see anything from the opening of the nose, to how the floor can be built. Furthermore, our people entered the Chinook helicopter on behalf of the US Military, seeing AKE ULD (loading device/container) and there was a heavy unit loading into the AN-124 using the cranes in the ceiling of the plane.

Overall a great experience to see the planes from the inside, which we don’t tend to do very often – it always gives a bit more of a professional touch when we go out and talk to professionals and clients.

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