24.01.17 | 2016 became the year of Martin Bencher’s biggest Offshore Wind project

Did you know that one of Martin Bencher’s biggest projects so far is not measured on turnover, but surprisingly on the scope of our responsibilities? 2016 became the year, where Martin Bencher with an active ownership and longterm engagement was trusted the biggest turnkey so far, within Offshore Wind.

The project differentiates itself from other projects by setting out as a smaller and simpler project and then developing into a project with the largest scope that Martin Bencher has experienced in its shipping history since 1997.

The project – from small to large scope
At the beginning of the project, not many subcontractors believed in the success of this project. When a project has a blurry target horizon like this, it is particularly difficult to estimate how many resources will be demanded by us.

However, the project developed from being a simple seafreight transport to being a project where Martin Bencher was responsible for: 


  • Project management
  • QHS(S)E management
  • Site management
  • Supply chain management
  • Seafreight

All documentation:

  • Method statements
  • Project plan
  • Quality, Health, Safety, (Security) & Environment plan - QHS(S)E

Buildup of harbor and site running:

  • Security Officers
  • Safety Officers
  • Social facilities for workers on site
  • Crawler and mobile cranes for upending/assembly
  • Installation of various equipment
  • Paint works 

In shorter words, Martin Bencher undertook the turnkey on the entire site management.  

What did we learn?
For a project to become a success, it is an evident advantage to enter the cooperation from project start and thereby be a sparring partner in the development of the project.

From project start, Martin Bencher invests many resources to gain the best results and cooperation. We research harbors, routes and sites world wide, physically, before we deliver our final solution. This way, we ensure the best local partners, in good time.

Price is always an essential factor, which is why we must be extremely sharp on price estimates. Competition is tough particularly within the wind and offshore industry, characterized by a heavy downward push on prices. This means that we often need to take a calculated (but necessary) risk on behalf of our client to win the market place.

On the contrary to price, trust is crucial for the choice of subcontractor. It will have entirely unmanageable consequences for customers, if something fails during the project. 

To ensure that Martin Bencher lives up to these market demands, we place full focus on building trust in our personal relations to customers and subcontractors.

Full control of the entire process

To demonstrate this, Martin Bencher is a reliable, professional project partner with full control of the entire QHS(S)E project management process.

The QHS(S)E process contributes to professional acting and to creating a trustworthy relationship between the costumer and Martin Bencher subcontractors. We promise customers a reliable partner, which is why we are certified on ISO 9001. Furthermore, Martin Bencher will receive the Certification on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in February 2017. 

More of this success
Because it has been a great success for us having a large scope of responsibility in projects, we are very interested in projects of similar scope covering areas such as transport, handling and installation to entire site management.

- Jacob Jensen, Senior Project Manager, Wind Department


Give the turnkey to Martin Bencher, and you will see all our core competencies come to play


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