26.06.17 | Vaajakosken Terä

Once again Martin Bencher is the proud sponsor of Vaajakosken Terä; a Finnish orienteering team.

Now was the time for yet another competition. More than 100 men’s teams and up to 50,000 people from over 30 countries took part in the relay. Vaajakosken Terä participated with three teams. The head team at Terä set a goal of finishing in the top 10, and their second team to finish in top 30.

Results are in. Team 1 finished at a 7th place, team 2 finished as no. 25, and team 3 finished as no. 110.

Martin Bencher cheered for all three teams. Congratulations on the great results.

Martin Bencher supports orienteering as the sport celebrates important values to the company. Looking close to finding the best road forward, team spirit, hard work and dedication are what guide Martin Bencher employees everyday.

The orienteering in numbers:
40 000 maps
16 500 orienteers
50 partners
260 000 TV viewers
30 countries
1500 volunteers
130 checkpoints 

Vis YouTube Video:
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