27.02.17 | Pay attention when transporting dangerous goods to and from the US

Trump administration in the US has issued a decree, which means that all new legislation issued by the previous government, are temporarily halted until the new government has examined and approved the content. This also has implications for the transportation industry.

Shippers and carriers of dangerous goods to and from the United States should be aware that - in an undefined period - in certain situations there will be talking about UN numbers and thus classification in the United States are not necessarily identical to what is used in the rest of the world.

Danish Freight forwarders have, as an example, been informed that the cars and other equipment with a so-called internal combustion engine is assigned to UN 3528 according to ADR / IMDG and IATA, but in the US it will be called the UN 3166.

"Based on the information we have received, our best advice would be that the shippers, freight forwarders and carriers that work with dangerous goods to and from the United States should clarify in advance with their American partners how the inconsistency in classification basis must be handled", states the organization Danske Speditører (the Danish Freight Forwarders).

Source: Danske Speditører.

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