29.03.16 | Running to raise funds for Street Child in Sierra Leone

On May 29th, our new collague Nico Hellmann will participate in the Sierra Leone Marathon to help raise funds for the organisation Street Child. Street Child is an education charity that supports children in Sierra Leone and Liberia to get back into safe family homes and access to education. The organisation also provides family business support to enable them to build an independently sustainable future for the whole family. Currently providing care for over 12,000 Ebola orphans in West Africa.

Martin Bencher supports Nico and Street Child with €200. The donation goes to the kids of Sierra Leone.

Below Nico explains how he got involved in the cause:

"How I got involved? I met some surfers in Barcelona last year, of which one was closely connected to Street Child and who had left his corporate job to start a NGO on his own. We cleaned the beaches of Barcelona from cigarette butts to start with. As he was a volunteer in Sierra Leone for a couple of month, he became more involved with Street Child. So he got Street Child going in Spain and I joint as a volunteer. Shortly there after I figured that that I need to run this marathon one day. Decision made! It will happen on the 29th of May 2016.

The group in Barcelona thanks to some very active members organises a variety of events, pub quizzes, running group, morning swims or dinners

Street Child is spreading out all over Europe, so check if they have established the NGO in your country yet and become active.

Of course it would be absolutely fantastic if you would join the marathon (there is also a 5k, 10k and a half marathon) adventure to Sierra Leone. I actually will combine it with some surfing afterwards. Sierra Leone has some absolutely fantastic beach, no people, white sands, palm tree and beautiful hills.

Thanks for your support!"

Marathon sign up and more infos about Sierra Leone here: www.sierraleonemarathon.com

Donate to Street Child here: https://sierraleonemarathon2016.everydayhero.com/uk/nico

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