30.01.17 | Space towards the Far East in high demand during Q1 of 2017

2017 is already steaming ahead and several container carriers are reporting fully booked vessels throughout the first three months of the year.
For the time being, the demand for space is mostly relating to space onboard container vessels going from Europe to the Far East destinations. Generally, other service strings are not affected in the same way.

The situation is caused by several factors, but mainly due to:

  • General high demand.
  • Backlog of shipments from the always busy months of November and December.
  • Chinese New Year is currently ongoing and transport in the China is more or less not possible. Many shippers have avoided booking on schedules that would have cargo arriving during this period to avoid storage charges.

While it is not unusual for space in January to be in relatively high demand, it is out of the ordinary for vessels to be fully booked for the first three months of the year.

For the time being, there are still carriers available that have space towards the Far East, but the number is quite low and they will most likely be facing the same situation within a few weeks.

For any upcoming shipments of cargo that should depart by container vessel from Europe to the Far East, we recommend to place your booking as soon as possible, or get in contact with your local Martin Bencher office to get an update on the situation and input on your options.

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