At Martin Bencher we believe it is important to support young people and great talent. Therefore, this year we are supporting a young talent, Sissal Skaale who is a competitive shooter within IPSC. 

To learn more about Sissal and her talent we have invited her for an interview at the Martin Bencher headquarter in Aarhus, Denmark.

Sissal is resident in Denmark – a Dane with roots from the Faroes Islands. “My base is in Aarhus where I just finished a bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication and German at Aarhus University. My big passion is shooting, and I love travelling the World where most of my trips are combined with a shooting event,” Sissal says.

The interest of shooting started back when Sissal was 14 years old. “At the age of 14 I was challenged to shoot a cal. 22 rifle at the local shooting range. I beat the guy from my school and when I saw his surprising reaction, I just knew that shooting was my thing. A couple of months later, I overheard a conversation between my father and a friend of his. They were talking about a handgun which was just bought, and I begged to try it out. The next day, I was at the shooting range with a Ruger GP 100 in my hand with homemade ammunition (.375 magnum) – heavy load and a big gun for a 14-year old girl, but that is really how my interest in shooting started”.

Sissal started shooting at 25 meters with all sorts of handguns soon it became too repetitive and she started competing in terrain-shooting. Terrain-shooting is a discipline where the competitor must shoot different kinds of paper targets at different distances within 10-12 seconds. After Sissal qualified for the national team and became Danish Junior Champion, she started shooting IPSC which is not just about precision, but it is dynamic as well. It requires a special license for which Sissal completed a theoretical and practical exam.

IPSC is an even bigger challenge for me. It is about shooting a combination of paper and steel targets as fast as possible. The important factors in IPSC are accuracy, power and speed. Every match is a diversity of courses of fire which utilize many aspects – such as movement of the shooter, stationary or moving targets at all distances. Stages are unknown beforehand for the shooters, but shooters get 3-5 minutes for a walkthrough to make an individual stage plan,” says Sissal. 

What I like most about shooting is that you never meet the same stage twice – the challenge is always new. Many elements are the same: drawing the gun from the holster, pulling the trigger correctly and controlling the recoil perfectly unless the stage briefing requires something else. Before any match, 80 % of the training is always mental preparation. It is the smaller things which might cost you seconds in the end”.

Sissal is proud of the fact that she is self-taught, most of her technical knowledge comes from discussing with colleagues and friends within the shooting world as well as reading and watching instructional material at YouTube for instance. As Sissal states: “To me it is a big achievement that I have taught myself almost everything. I know my strengths and my weaknesses, and I am very aware of what I need to improve. All the choices I do is with shooting in the back of my mind. This is my big passion – I am dreaming of being professional, but as shooting is a niche with very few professionals in the World, I want to fight to become one of the best in the World”.

In 2018, Sissal has competed at 6 bigger competitions. The latest competition was the Danish Championships where she finished third place overall but came first among the women. In the years to come Sissal hopes to be travelling to the Far East for competitions and some of her aims of 2019 are to defend her Infinity title and win the European Championship in Serbia. The World Championship will be held in 2020 in Thailand where Sissal hopes to qualify as well.

Martin Bencher congratulates Sissal with her recent 3rd place at the Danish Championship and we wish her all the best of luck in the future. If you are interested in following Sissal, please visit her Facebook page by clicking here.  

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