In August 2018, Martin Bencher finished the delivery of a 110 MW Power Plant in Chihuahua. In total, 5700 CBM of cargo and 189 containers were delivered. The breakbulk cargo included 12 x 20V34 SG gensets weighing 140 tons each.

Martin Benchers scope of work did also include setting the gensets onto foundation and the entire operation took 32 days for the 12 gensets. All cargo was unloaded at port in Mexico and transported to the site by truck. In total, 293 truckloads were used.

The transportation of the gensets to the site took in average six days with a journey of around 1600 km and it was performed in two convoys with six trailers each convoy. Our Project Manager was on site during the entire gensets delivery.

The project was successfully completed within scope in terms of price and time. We thank you Wärtsilä for their corporation and trust in Martin Bencher as partner for this project. 

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