Mid May, 2019 Martin Benchers project department in Denmark has together with Martin Bencher Airfreight chartered an Antonov AN-124 flight from Scandinavia to Xinjiang Province in the most Western part of China.

The shipment consisted of 6 pieces and a total weight of 60 tons with the heaviest unit weighing 29 tons. All cargo was loaded and delivered on time and with respect of safety for both cargo and personnel. Cargo was part of an ongoing waste-to-energy boiler project.

The largest airfreight charter shipment in Martin Bencher history. Yet another milestone achieved.  

The Antonov AN-124-100 is one of the world largest cargo aircrafts with a maximum payload of 120.000 kg. The flight is 69 meters long, with a wingspan of 73 meters. The cargo cabin can hold cargo of combined: 36 meters long, 6,4 meters wide and 4,4 meters high. 

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